The Soplao and Altamira, the animated cave

El Soplao Cave has been already baptized as the "Cathedral of the Geology" as it has the highest amount and best quality of eccentric formations (multidirectional stalactites) in the world.

The eccentric formations are so important because they break the gravitational force, growing multidirectionally from the stalactites in capricious ways. The ones made of aragonite are thin, transparent and piercing while those formed by calcite develop weird curved patterns.

Another outstanding feauture of the cave is the contrast and variety of colours in its walls, from the purest white, formed by calcium carbonate, to deep blacks made of manganese oxide and different shades of reddish brown constituted by iron oxides.

El Soplao was discovered by chance as a result of mining works and, in fact, the way in uses a gallery of the abandoned mine "La Isidra" where there´s an exhibition of old time mining outfit. From the entrance there is a 35ft. way down to the gallery called "La Gorda", one of the largest of the cavern with a maximum height over 60ft. and full of all kind of geological forms. The path follows by the gallery "Los Fantasmas" (The Ghosts) with huge spectral white stalagmites and, towards West, takes us to what is known as the "Sixtine Chapel of the subterranean world", the most astounding section of the cave, in which we find a low ceiling full of these eccentric stalactites growing horizontally to the floor.

To arrive to El Soplao we will drive around 20 minutes from our apartments in Lamiña by the outstanding valleys of Ruente and Nansa passing through some of the most remarkable and well preserved villages in the region as Carmona and Puente Nansa. From this latest we will take the road to Pesues and, before getting this village, the crossing to Rabago

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